Thursday, December 4, 2014



It's been a while since I updated this blog. 

Has it really been over 1 month since my last post?
Well to be fair, I have been busy with various responsibilities.
I'm really sorry for all my dear friends I already read emails but over all, I thanked to you guys.
I appreciated it.
Btw, please make dua for me -- 3 days before of my jyuuken test.
I hope I can pass it all.

Since been awhile not to talk to everyone in school, even my closest friend, somehow I'll become mukuchi.
Oh, I'm not gonna talk, anymore.

Anyway, I hope you guys stay healthy and keep charm even you had a lot of bad thoughts and please smile for just once. It makes you calm :)

I'm studying N2 and N1 Japanese lesson right now. Hows everyone doing? And yes, I got to move to a new book named Hangeul after this section (its just for relaxing my brain uh-oh). I'm interested with Korean, indeed. But as you know, Japanese and Korean are not really different. So, SEIKOU MADE GANBARIMASHO YO :^D

Gomawo, chingu.