Thursday, March 13, 2014

Japan Society and Culture

I knew some Japanese college student are freaks with Japanese culture include music, anime (we can call it otaku), kakkoi-kawaii phenomenon and sense of bigaku or anything. But according to me, those culture are unique and I only interested with some of 'them' -- which is like ganbari concept, aimai, tatemae-honne. I don't like music, indeed. But when I was in junior high school, to be damn honest, I'm a music lover and there is no day without music. I listened to the rock, pop-rock, jazz and classic genre. And now I can't understand why Japanese music (we call it j-pop or j-rock) is so boom-boom, especially in Indonesian teenager. 

They said they can't live without music. 

Music is everything. 

Or whatever. 

Me, as a Japanese literature college student -- I only take a good things and left a bad things. In Islam, we don't sing a song for enjoying our lives. We aren't listen to the music. Moreover, if the lyrics is full of deviation. As a muslim or muslimah, we prefer to more listen to the murathal or reading Qur'an. If we spent more time to reading Qalamullah, in syaa Allah we'll get a rewards from Allah. But music, when we listen too much musics, probably we will forget to pray, make dua, or even for wudhu and go to masjid. Enjoying a life-time with Qur'an is great. But I don't really know how the young muslim and muslimah spent their time, 24 hours and 7 days in 1 week -- is it for Allah or just focus on a dunya things? If we walked on the road, we'll see a 'freaky couple' over there. See? They're muslim teenagers. If we sat down in a bus, we'll see boys and girls (teenagers or adults) busy playing games or whatever they do with their smartphone. There's no Qur'an. They don't bring a Qur'an in their bags, probably, Allahu' alam. I don't want to judges someone but I think this is true. Because that day, some adults asked me, "Will you bring Qur'an everyday and reading in a bus while you sit down, like here?", and I said, "Yes. In syaa Allah. It makes me calm, to defuse anger." and they said, "Oh, I see. I never bring my Qur'an in my bag. So I think this is a good idea for us to not even boring if we waited too long in a bus." 

I smiled. 

Anyway, back to the topic. During the class, I only focused on the lecture. Kenji Miura, is the one who have got music scholarship in Germany and he came to our class and presented his knowledges about Western and Japanese music. He presented taiko. He never speak Japanese, he used an japanese-british accent so I don't really get it what he talked about. I prefer to listen to the real british accent, lol. 

I'm not asking anything. 

I don't have any question for him, but after all, I finally didn't take a minutes for sleeping in a class hahaha. Alhamdulillah, I enjoyed the class.

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