Saturday, March 8, 2014

Allah's Guidance

Salam folks.
How’s your day folks? Is it great everyday we can eat everything well we want and Allah never decrease His pleasant to us?

So for today, I probably post something different from others (maybe). I will tell you all how Allah declined my “application” for 3 times. (Alhamdulillah!)

Why Alhamdulillah?

I simply saying that Allah knows best for me, for all His servants. And He will replaced another one which is better for us. Maybe if we doing “that”, as seen in our eyes, this one is great. But from Allah’s eyes, this one is not good and I will send you another. From a bottom of our heart, this is tragic, resentful, so upset, or whatever. But Allah never wrong. We make mistakes. So, admit it.

First, in 2012 or in the beginning of 2013 (I forgot!) I enjoy joined with two senpai(s) to took the japanese speech contest in UNSADA. And almost everyday I practised with Aki-sensei. She said we’ll win the contest and go to Japan for 3 weeks. But then, I give my bests to people who listening my speech and also the judges. I make dua and that day I went with a white long shirt and without hijab. I succeeded for the first time BUT Allah declined it to me to took a finalist gift, hehehe. And He knows that it will better for me. I suddenly remembered one thing, “Those who believed, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah (swt) for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah (swt) do hearts find satisfaction." 
(Surah Ar-Rad [13] verse 28)

And my heart keeps beating, and saying, "Allah.. Allah.. Allah.."

After that, a chairman of STBA LIA give me a private letter (this is unbelievable) so all of my friends shocked, hahaha. She wants me to give speech to all my campus-member, a BIPA students, daigakuseitachi, staffs, and management in the day of Dies Natalis. I won in a first place. Alhamdulillah!

Bu Ida (chairman of STBA LIA) hugged me and said, “You great!!! I believe that someday you’ll succeeded with your courageous, best planning, nice score, and also your positive-thoughts as we seen in to your eyes while you speech over that. Even I don’t understand what you talking about (a speech contents) because it’s japanese, I only see your eyes and you catched us so deep. I understand with feeling. Thank you so much, Lidya.”

Bu Ida gave thanks to Aki-sensei as my “coach”.

I also hugged her and almost cyrin’, I can’t believe it masha Allah this is Allah’s gift to me. I prefer to not coming to Japan, really. I’m blessfull.

Second, in 2013 I became one candidate to take the contest again (same contest) in Japan Foundation. The reward for the first winner is free holiday in Japan for 3 weeks. I practiced with another script. And this is better. But then again, I can’t be a winner even for the third place. Alhamdulillah!

Allah replaced it with another one. Which is my goal score in KHS. Actually, I predict that I will graduated in the beginning of 2016. So I took 6 years for this bachelor. But Allah give me signs with this. I can’t believe that I will passed all the school score and got a better GDP. I’m blessfull. I took many sks for the next semester, and I PASSED IT AGAIN!! So, in syaa Allah I’ll graduated in the middle of 2015 with thesis. If I took non-thesis, I’ll graduated in the beginning of 2015. What does it mean? Allah replaced it with a better one. Allah wants me to focus on my thesis.

Fabbi ayyi allaa’i Rabbikuma tukadzziban?

Third, in 2014, I took an application for Japanese studies in Japan (monbukagakusho) as a 4th grade daigakusei. I passed it in the first step. But Allah not allow me yet to pass in the second and third step. But replaced it with a better one which is I met a sister who gave me an information to took a writerpreneurship workshop. 25 members who passed the fiction or non-fiction script will publish their books in NouraBooks publisher. I already send my script (first chapter) and in syaa Allah, Allah replaced it to publish my book and see ‘em in Gramedia bookstore, bi’ithnillah. Ya Rabb, I wanna be a dawah writer for this ummah. I’m bless with Your Guidance, with Your Rahman and Rahiim.

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