Sunday, March 9, 2014

Allah Guidance Part II

Salam folks.

Today I just got a news from a Lokakarya - Writerpreneurship's committee. Actually, the one who's really get excited to join this lokakarya is my little sister. But she wants me to check her script so I took 25 minutes to give her feedback, lol.

Since this morning, someone text me and said, 

"Your script (first chapter) is great!! How could it be? Is it really your true story? I pray for you and your sister to become a real writer and publishing your books, in syaa Allah. Aameen."

She said now I officially a member of this lokakarya (April 9th) which is -- ya maybe "closed group". So not for a random people.

Anyway, me and my sister is also joined for workshop "Festival Kumpul Penulis" in SMP Al-Azhar, Kebayoran, South Jakarta this March, 15th in syaa Allah. I beg her to focus on writing fiction so I will check her grammar, style of writing, EYD and etc. To be damn honest, I don't want to write a fiction or non-fiction story alone. I want her to accompany me.

And Allah azza wa Jalla really really gives me this gift. I thought it will be hard or complicated but now I'm enjoy all this routines.

I write some story or poetry since 2007. A hundred poetries written by me not even publish on some magazine but one is officially published. JUST ONE POETRY. Alhamdulillah. And I got royalty from that. I'm happy just being a lay writer since then. But after that, I tried to publish my novel or flash fiction. I went to some publisher and all of my script is declined! But I never ever give up just because they don't want to publish my story or they said this is too lame, dear. Ya, I know I'm learning now :)

And this 2014, my lil sister said, 

"You learned a lot, sis. I'm proud of you, really."

Things are changed for a better if you still believe that Allah gives you His Guidance and things you need, not you want. Be ready for the next "destination" with Allah's plan.

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