Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My mind thinks this way, but in reality my heart thinks the other. So what am I supposed to do now? I want it stop and let things go the way they should without having to worry about where I'll ending up and how everythings gonna be. Possiblities and risks are all on the same line. I gotta switch things off, keep it dark, let no ears hear and no eyes see and no mind know. Eventhough stupidly I just did. I'm fully confused here. What am I to do? The feelings won't go away, blablabla and the story keeps going.

Everything has been so empty. The heart, the soul, the comfort, the love. Things haven't been quite the same. The pieces of the jigsaw are still missing. My heart asks why and I just can't answer. My mind starts complaining and they're clearly reasonable and I understand why. My soul needs that thing, which right now can't be found. My comfort asks for those special people to be my my side. The love simply needs all those said above, yet hard to fulfil becuase at the moment I guess they're all out of stock. So, where do I go, what am I supposed to do to fill this emptiness in me? God, I hate being so melancholy!

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